Friday, July 1, 2011


There is absolutely so much beauty everywhere we look, that sometimes I find myself just in awe of God's handiwork.

I have been struggling with coming up with a deep, meaningful, topic to blog about, when it hit me - sometimes it's just the everyday things that can be deep and meaningful. So this blog post will simply be a compilation of things I have found beauty in over the last few years. What do you find beauty in? Comment and let me know.

As most of you know, I despise spiders. But when I saw this stark white one on this magenta petunia, I had to be in awe.

Ok, so beauty found in a pepper. Big deal, right? Not for me. This is the first pepper I've EVER gotten to turn red on the vine!

This flowering crab grows right on the corner of our deck and provides an amazing pink canopy of flowers each spring. It's bloom time is invariably cut short by a spring rain storm, so we treasure the week that we have!

And of course we have to bring some inside to enjoy as well.

This is the enormous cottonwood tree that lives by our driveway and gives us a landmark when people try to find our place in the boonies. I tinted this one with a sepia lens.

This is our view to the North. I played around with the color a bit on this one. It was fall, and it was a nice yellow color against the stormy sky. I just enhanced the surreal-ness of it.

I awoke one morning to this sky above the garage. This one, unlike the cottonwood tree, is not altered.

brrrrr. On a day like today (100+ degrees) this actually looks refreshing!

Up close and personal with my bee balm.

The horseshoes hanging on the fence. The rainbow of colors just beckoning "play with me!"

This is a spot in the woods that surround our property. We're praying that we can own this section soon so we can build a tire swing and treehouse in this tree. (on a side note: this is the same tree that's bright yellow in a photo above.)

And - how befitting my blog - my cherry blossoms against a stormy spring sky.

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colette said...

gorgeous photos!

i also love finding beauty in the wonders of God's creation.

today i'm finding beauty in water. we drink it. we swim in it when it's sultry hot. and i find beauty in the smiles and laughter of my kids as we splash in the pool.