Wednesday, August 8, 2012

it's going to be o.k.

do you ever just look at your kids?  when they don't know it.  when they have no idea that you're observing.

i watch their eyes twinkle when they are laughing together.

i know it's real laughter.  and they aren't fighting.  pure enjoyment in each others company.

i watch as they help one another complete a task.  not because i told them to.  just because they want to help.

i know it's real kindness.  it's coming from the heart.  a desire to serve one another.

i listen as they are respectful to other adults. 

and i have this sense that i must be doing something right.

it's in these stolen moments that i see the people my kids are becoming.  {not the fighting.  arguing.  sassy children they sometimes are}  the people they are when no one is watching. 

and as i watch.  i find myself smiling.  they are turning out o.k.

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K said...

I have found myself doing this more often - taking in those stolen moments! : )